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Join our vibrant community at the Farmers Market and sow the seeds of positive change!


We're on the lookout for enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about supporting local agriculture, fostering sustainable practices, and creating a lively market atmosphere. Whether you have a green thumb or just a love for fresh produce, your time and dedication will help cultivate a thriving space for farmers, artisans, and neighbors alike.


Market Locations and Dates:

Haney Farmers Market:  Saturdays 9am - 2pm, April 20th - October 26th

Pitt-Meadows:  Tuesdays 3pm - 7pm, June 4th - August 27th

Port Coquitlam: Thursdays 3pm - 7pm, June 6th - September 26th

Join us in nurturing a greener, healthier future – volunteer with us at the Farmers Market today!

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